“We believe in making the world a smaller and more hopeful place by connecting two people together by numbers and giving underprivileged children a chance to change the world through their creativity and spirit.

By purchasing a shirt you will not only be connected to a child from somewhere in the world and give a sign that you care, but you will also be supporting a child’s creative mind.  The shirts are designed by kids from around the world, allowing them to express themselves quickly as well as pass on a piece of themselves and their culture to the next person.”

-Kevin Hershock (President and Founder)

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What We Do

It’s simple: if you buy a shirt – you give a shirt to an impoverished child.
1. When you order a shirt, your order number will be on the back.
2. Only two people in the world will have this number, you and the child you clothe.

Everyone has heard “you don’t want to be just a number,” but in this case, being just a number is just good enough to give a shirt to a child who needs it. By buying a shirt, yes, a child is clothed – but it is much more than that. That child will be given hope. That child will know that someone, somewhere in the world cares for them. “Sometimes, something as small as a number can give something as big as hope.”


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