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Kids Helping Kids

29 Sep

Recently, we added a new line of shirts to Be A Number: youth sizes. Not only have we gotten many requests for children’s sizes, but it incorporates a whole new aspect of our mission. Now, not only are we as adults helping children around the world to feel a special connection to someone they have never met, but we are allowing kids to help their peers feel that connection.

We all remember a time in our childhood when we realized something wasn’t quite fair about the world. Whether it was being denied dessert for not finishing our vegetables at dinnertime, or that time when the oldest sibling was allowed to stay up late while we went to bed, we’ve all be there. Other times, we realized not only were our personal worlds unfair, but that some kids had it much worse than we did.

Kids are among the most passionate of people on this earth, and they have the energy and drive that adults comment on every day. “I wish I had that kind of energy” is a common statement at parks, beaches, or even living rooms. So why not let them help us? While they are so full of enthusiasm, they easily set their minds to a task and complete it, often surpassing our expectations of the result. They become excited to know that they have helped others, and revel in their own personal satisfaction at knowing they have made an impact on the world, however small it may seem to us.

For the children who have emptied their small piggy banks and donated all $8 in coins they have to the Red Cross, we have great respect. Others set up lemonade stands and give their rolls of quarters in profits to the Humane Society. Each year, elementary schools around the country band together to help families that may not enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner without a little extra help.

It is only natural, then, that we give kids in our communities an opportunity to help other kids. To us, children’s sizes are not just a response to customer demand, but they are a way to recognize the kids who help other kids, and their parents who have instilled in them such compassion.

If you haven’t yet,  check out this video of the first Be A Number video. You can see a child helping another to put on his new shirt!


Fans and Football

4 Sep

Here in Michigan, leaves are beginning to turn into beautiful reds and yellows, local school districts are getting ready to begin classes, and college students have enjoyed welcome weeks and their first football games of the season. Fall is a unique time of year across America, and millions look forward to hearing marching bands start their school’s fight song while watching dozens of players rush onto the field, excited and nervous for the first play of the game.

Kevin Hershock, our young founder, has enjoyed his playing time for years, but lately he’s been recognized for more than just his presence on the field. Tony Nicolette, a writer for, recently wrote a great player profile of Kevin and Be A Number, highlighting both time on and off the field.  Nicolette’s interview with Kevin asks a question many people seem to have, how to balance everything from football to running a business and finishing college. The article even touches on upcoming news about the future of Be A Number.  To read the full article, click here.

Until next time, rest assured that we’re working hard and have big news coming up!

Go Hillsdale Chargers!