The Simple Things

9 Jun

Today, the yellow sun shines brightly through the leaves of the trees, birds chirp happily from their nests, and butterfly wings flutter blissfully across deep blue skies. Today, the simplest things go unnoticed far too often. In a world of “high speed” this and “faster than ever” that, sometimes it seems the greatest luxury is to simply stop. To marvel at the wonders of how the world works is a pastime that has become far too rare.

It is an interesting paradox between inner and outer beauty in a world where the latest diet fads or who’s topping the Forbes income list is the focus of what seems to be the majority of youth when considering their futures. But what about the kids who are truly fighters–the ones who face each day with as much optimism as they can gather– who have faced a constant struggle and still find a way to smile?

Recently, we received news that we would be able to accompany several families with children with Pallister-Killian Syndrome (PKS) to New Jersey to learn more about what they face every day. PKS can present with deformities and mental delays, but the children it affects still find time to smile. Their beauty shines through in their ability to laugh and to overcome their daily struggles.

We are so excited to meet and talk to the children and their families at the conference, and, of course, hand them a Be A Number shirt of their own. We want to show them that they are so special to all of us and that they can change the world as well–with a simple smile and love for others.


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