Meet Us

2 Jun

It seems an appropriate way to begin our nation and world-wide journey to change the lives of kids everywhere…with a brief introduction of the people that keep Be A Number working!

First and foremost, our Founder and President,
Kevin Hershock. Always thinking, he’s constantly coming up with new, exciting ways to make Be A Number grow and help as many kids as possible. Family is very important to him, and his little sister Abbie is his biggest fan.

Our resident techie, Alex Vanston has been incredible as we constantly keep him on his toes with new website design ideas, hundreds of questions, and off-the-wall design requests. Even though he spends a lot of time working at the local hospital, he’s always got time for friends!

Then there’s me- Liz. I hold down the fort while Kevin does the talking and makes connections with important people all over the country-and even the world! I work with all of our student representatives to help them spread the word on their campuses and, over the course of the last few months, have made best friends with the printer and paper cutter.

We have over 40 campus representatives that are a major part of the Be A Number movement. They’ve held fundraisers, sold shirts, passed out flyers, and sported their shirts all over their campuses. We’re constantly looking for more representatives, so consider
joining the movement!

Out of all these people, though, one more group is the most important of all: you. Each person who spreads the word, purchases a shirt, tells others, or does all three is a VITAL part of making this work. With your help, this world is well on it’s way to being a better place. More importantly, children all over will know what it feels like to have hope and the knowledge that someone cares.

So, since you are all such a big part of this movement, follow the blog, comment, and tell us a little bit about yourselves- we can’t wait to see where this goes with your help :)

Until next time,
Be someone to count on. Be A Number.


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